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I share a driveway with 7 other townhouses. These adorable childrens live in the one next to me, and they are often outside playing. They're very conscientious about their stuff and themselves when a garage goes up. I've never had a problem.

Yesterday, a couple of kids from a neighboring driveway were over, and my neighbor kid helped move everything and made sure they were out of the way. They were smaller children, and she did a very good job taking care of them. They had been making bubbles in a bucket, and the bucket was already full, so she didn't move it.

I backed out, and I had driven a little close to the bucket. She was standing on the other side of my car and wasn't sure of the status of her bubbles.

A look of sheer horror painted itself across her face. I mean, I didn't realize it was the last bucket of bubbles on Earth as I just bought a big bubble wand at the store for a fairly cheap price (yes, of COURSE, for me), but from what her face told me, it clearly was.

As my car cleared her line of vision, I saw a look of relief of which I had never seen before...not even a match to win my family had thought they had lost me at an amusement park.

I'm not particular to which, but the next time I experience either of those emotions, I hope it's because of a bucket of bubbles.

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